Monday 18 August 2008

Day 3

An update on how I'm going with my 17 day anthology plan. Plus one of the below markets has now closed to submissions as they have enough stories so I have added Potter's Field to the list in its place.

The Book of Tentacles - 'A Strange Artificial Light' - 2,311 words - submitted
Cinema Spec - 'Ugly Duckling' - 1,434 words - submitted
Dark Jesters
Mother Goose is Dead - this antho is now full - I was too late!!!!
Clockwork Phoenix 2
Hotel Guignol - cheated & sent 'Frog & The Mail Order Bride'
Potter's Field - 'Hand Scratched Note' - WIP - 175 words so far

I'm trying to get the smaller projects out ot the way first before I tackle the longer stories.


Fox Lee said...

Ah, you work on weekends. You're always going to kick my ass ; )

Cate Gardner said...

My butt is superglued to my chair so I have no choice. :)

K.C. Shaw said...

Good luck! I am in awe of your productiveness. (If that's a word.)

Cate Gardner said...

It is in my dictionary. :)

I think I am about to run out of steam very soon... My Supernatural DVD box sets are calling to me.

Erik said...

Your prolificness (is that a word) both astounds and frightens me.

Cate Gardner said...

I'm frightened too - I don't think any of it is any good. :)