Tuesday 1 July 2008

Sin in PDF

The latest issue of Necrotic Tissue hits PDF files today. Haven't had a chance to read anything other than the hundred word stories yet, but I have printed out Natalie L Sin's 'Losing Face in Kwai Chung' to read on my way into work in the morning - if I can resist that long. I may have to get into it tonight. Natalie's story inspired the cover art for the issue and if you head over to her blog you will find a blurb that will have you signing up for a copy of the 100% free 'Necrotic Tissue' just to read it.

The hundred-worders range from the laugh out loud funny 'Yesterday's Assignment' by Chris Reed (okay, maybe I have a sick sense of humour, but it should make you at least go OMG!), to an unexpected separation in 'Divorce' by Curtis LeMay, through to the poignant 'The Soldier' by M.A. Korenblium. My faves were Yesterday's Assignment, The Soldier and Anticipation by Trista K Robichaud.

***I'm asterisking this part as it's important (and more fool you if you ignore it)***

Necrotic Tissue are running their FIRST ANNUAL HALLOWEEN 100-WORD BITE CONTEST.

Taken from their 'Necrotic Tissue Wants You' blurb:

We are a horror magazine, so technically any story should be suitable for the Halloween Super-Sized October issue. However, stories that feature creatures, monsters and more traditional themes will have an edge.

ONE lucky first place winner will receive a copy of Abominations Anthology and a hard cover edition of the Northern Haunts Anthology from Shroud publishing.
Not bad, eh?

ALL winners will be published in the October issue of Necrotic Tissue. In addition, they will also receive a hardcover edition of the Help Anthology, from Preditors & Editors, and one stylish NT-T-Shirt!

You have until July 31st...


Fox Lee said...

I am honored to be part of your commute to work. Of course I try not to think about how many people will bring it into the bathroom. What if they run out of toilet paper??

Cate Gardner said...

I promise to make sure it's not even in my bag when I visit the bathroom...

Mary said...

Congrats to Natalie! :) I’m looking forward to reading her story.

Cate Gardner said...

The story is well worth checking out.