Thursday 26 June 2008

Bloody October & Sand TOC's announced

The Corpulent Insanity Press anthology "Bloody October" Table of Contents have been announced:

1. October’s Gift - Christopher Fulbright
2. Heck Yeah - Rob Rosen
3. The Farmer’s Child - Lawrence Dagstine
4. Plough Monday - Tom Johnstone
5. Mask Murderer - Karen L. Newman
6. Beneath the Orange Moon - Christopher Allan Death
7. The Devil’s Grotto - Sam Leng
8. Left Behind - Kris Ashton
9. Hunting - Aaron A. Polson
10. Dead Parachutes - Catherine J. Gardner

Bloody October is now due to go on sale mid September*.

*So that people can read it in October and not November...

The Sand Table of Contents (in no particular order) for the fall issue have been announced:

"Intervention" by Fred Warren
"Through the Warped Eye of Death" by Catherine J. Gardner
"Daylight" by Kevin M. White
"Trojan Man" by Bruce Cooper
"Bubbles" by T.J. McIntyre
"The Pool" by Patrick O'Leary
"Cold Burial" by Eric Pinder
"The Savage Sword of Loehman" by Sanford Allen

Sanford has a cool blog - check it out my fellow procrastinators.


Fox Lee said...

Woot! Those looks like two great anthologies : )

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed! Busy times for you.

OH and NATALIE...was at your blog and was gonna leave some words but apparently anaymous = wordpress so I can't leave anything...alas.

(sorry to use your blog as a bulletin board, Catherine)

Oh and, LOST, just kidding.