Sunday 1 June 2008

And that was May...

Okay, so what did I do in May? The answer - not much.

1. Finally, finally, finally comprised a query letter for 'The Poisoned Apple' and sent it off to one agent. More to follow this month.

2. One Short Story completed (and the bulk of the work was done in April - gulp!)

Treading the Regolith - Finished off, edited and sent to the Return to Luna competition.

3. Four Flash Stories completed this month

The Dreadful Guise of Red Berries - Set in the cranberry bog's of New Hampshire - sent to the Northern Haunts anthology.

The Sand Sculptures - Another to the Northern Haunts anthology.

Lonesome Pine - Yep, you guessed it - it's with the Northern Haunts anthology. My last I promise.

Distress Signal - Pirates and retribution - sent to Postcards from Hell.

4. And I'm currently working on my story for 'The Black Garden' anthology. Hoping to complete it very, very soon. I'm also struggling with a story for the 'Potters Field' anthology. I seem to have started an awful lot of stories that I haven't been able to finish/weren't satisfied with this month. My recycle bin is bursting.

5. To cover for my lack of wordage in May, I'll mention my 3 acceptances (we'll ignore the rejections!) from The Age of Blood and Snow, Every Day Fiction, and Bloody October. Oh, and my story Burying Sam will be up on Every Day Fiction this Thursday (5th June). YAY!

June so has to be better - if for no other reason than it's my birthday this month. (Oh dear, I've just remembered how old I'll be - not so good after all). :)


Fox Lee said...

Clearly I am a lazy fuck!

Felicity Dowker said...

Sounds productive to me! Good luck with the Black Garden sub.

I've linked to you on my blog, too. =o)

K.C. Shaw said...

Hey, three acceptances is nothing to sneer at! Not to mention writing all those flash pieces! You did a lot more than I did in May, that's for sure.

J.C. Tabler said...

I can't bring myself to send anything to the recycle bin. Finished but bad, unfinished...I rarely start to write without at least one decent image in a story, so I figure at some point I may get stuck on something, read back through one of those garbage pieces, and find an image I can transplant.

Strange man am I.

Cate Gardner said...

You are supposed to tell me how I need to do better otherwise I'll never stop procrastinating. :)

Felicity - thanks for the link.