Monday 21 April 2008

Oh no, I've been tagged!!!

Cripes! I've been blogged tagged by the fabulous Adrienne Kress, author of Alex and the Ironic Gentleman.

As per the rules, here are six random things about me:

1. My favourite name is Agamemnon (I know he destroyed Troy and everything but I love how the name rolls off the tongue) and my favourite word is pyroclastic.

2. I worked in a casino for a short, short, very short length of time. A wee white ball catapulting off the roulette wheel, a sleeve that doubled as a net and an angry Chinese man were the downfall of that career.

3. I LOVE to sing - in the bath, in the supermarket, at work. Problem is, I sing way out of tune and often so high I have nowhere left to go. I was in the choir at school which is a mortifying thought (thank God, no one had a camcorder).

4. I worked for the circus when I was 9 or 10... Okay, I'm maybe, just a wee bit, stretching the truth there. We were offered free tickets if we gave out leaflets for them and then the (insert appropriate swear word here) stiffed us. I've hated the circus ever since.

5. I've traced one line of my family history (or rather some bloke in the late 19th century did - and wrote a book about it - and he just happens to be related to me woo-hoo!) back to the Norman invasion - a Wymer Le Dapifer in 1088.

6. I love CANDY FLOSS (or 'Cotton Candy' to my US visitors and 'Fairy Floss' to those visiting from down under).

Okay now the rules:

* Link the person who tagged you.
* Post the rules on your blog.
* Write six random things about yourself.
* Tag six people at the end of your blog by linking to their blog.
* Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.
* Let your tagger know when your entry is up.

Hey guys, you're it:

Thomas Kingsley Troupe
KC Shaw
Rich Sampson
Erik Smetana
Ed Pahule


Adrienne said...

Isn't tagging fun?

Well it better be because I just tagged you again . . .check it out, it's a neat one!

Cate Gardner said...

Cheers Adrienne :)

K.C. Shaw said...

I just posted my response! That was fun!

Ed Wyrd said...

OK. I done it.

Cate Gardner said...

Thanks guys. :)