Saturday 16 February 2008

Bad, Bad Blogger

Apologies I seem to have been in non-blog mode this week. Haven't even read as many as usual, whereas I normally have a good trek through the blog universe at least, erm! well, once every two or three hours. I love reading all about your writing lives, successes, rejections etc, etc, etc.

One of the reasons for my bad bloginess (good grief, is that even a word) is I've hit a particularly tricky patch in The Poisoned Apple. I love the first three quarters, and I think all works well and flows smoothly and is well just plain fun... But the last chapters seem all 'tell' and a little bit flat so they are taking some serious rewriting. Plus if Ignacious bumps into one more tree I am plain going to have to knock him out myself or devise a very nasty end.

Haven't resubmitted 'Lucy Baxter' yet - still haven't come up with a suitable title change, but I will.

Completed another short story - The Old Hubert Place. A creepy tale where a man returns to his old neighbourhood and an urban legend is born. It's out there in submission land so fingers crossed and all that.


Rich said...

Hi FF,

Sounds like things are still rocking for you! Good luck with the sub for The Old Hubert Place don't think I've read that one.

Anyway, keep blogging and see yar around the dock!


Rich said...

That was weird! You left a comment at exactly the same time I did...

...and yes I'm still on a high!


Cate Gardner said...

Hi Rich

I didn't put 'The Old Hubert Place' on the Dock for critique, though the first two paragraphs can be found at the '1st 2 Paragraphs group'.

And I know... Very, very wierd.


Jeff Parish said...

Fingers, toes and kidneys!

And congrats on progressing with the least you keep writing. You can always fix it later.

Cate Gardner said...

Cheers Jeff...