Sunday 30 December 2007

Christmas Past

The bell has rung, the angels have their wings, and this was my Christmas... The good and the bad of it. We'll start with the bad (which isn't really that bad - heck, this is Christmas after all).

First - I ate too much chocolate. I ate more than my niece and her face was smeared in the stuff.

Second - Our DVD player broke. It exploded from overuse.

Third - A show (Blood Brothers) I booked tickets for back in July was cancelled on the 22nd thanks to Ringo Starr and my city Liverpool, which is the European Capital of Culture for 2008. The council ordered the theatre to close for the evening as they are airlifting Ringo in a glass cage or some such nonsense... I never did like The Beatles.

Now onto the GOOD...

First - I ate lots and lots of chocolate - so much that I'm guessing I'll be on a high until about Easter.

Second - I bought a new DVD player so that I could continue my SUPERNATURAL marathon. Jensen Ackles is soooo cute... Note to self - must watch more later.

Third - I have been lazy, lazy, lazy - which I never am. Sitting in front of the TV, munch-munch-munching (see above). And I also took the opportunity to take some quiet time to read over The Poisoned Apple which I finished mid-October. It's the first time I have put a manuscript aside before plowing into the second draft. I expected huge plot holes and a load of nonsense, but not so - it's actually a decent draft (in my humble opinion - and of course I love it because it's mine).

Fourth - Sketched out the first draft of a picture book, as yet untitled - and man those things are hard, hard, har... Very difficult. When I say sketched I mean in words not pictures. This is my skill as an artist, check out my blog post Twenty-Nine Days Later. All pencils should be removed from my vicinity.

Fifth - Had an idea for either the second book in my Lily Sunday/Poisoned Apple series or for a horror novella. Have not yet decided which way to go with it... More on that in January.

And the best is yet to come... An hour long documentary following a year in JK Rowling's life on UK television tonight. Can't WAIT!!!

A Happy New Year to you all - will be back Jan 1st ish with my resolutions for a word-filled year.


Anonymous said...

I also ate too much candy, but mine was Saykllys, from the upper peninsula of Michigan, which is about two days drive away from me. So, I only eat it on the holidays; it took me about a week to get through the entire box.

I've never seen Supernatural, but one of the stores had a sale on Dexter and Heroes DVD sets, so I bought both and had a Dexter marathon that stretched from the day before yesterday to around 7 p.m yesterday. I've never seen Supernatural, but now I have a huge crush on emotionless serial killers that sweat a lot.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm. Chocolate. I don't think I ate enough.

How was the Rowling documentary? I'm jealous we didn't get it here.


Anonymous said...

Chocolate is really the hazard of Christmas. I am actually eating Christmas chocolate while simultaneously typing this comment. It should be outlawed! :)

And boo to Ringo!
But yay to getting a new DVD player!

Enjoy the JK Rowling doc!! I don't think it'll be on where I am, which is a shame but I totally want to see it!!

Cate Gardner said...

Wendy - I'd not heard of Dexter (I don't think it has hit UK TV Screens yet), but love Heroes. We've only had the first series so far over here.

Courtney / mrasey - the JK documentary was really good and didn't go over a lot of the already overwritten tale of how Harry Potter came about. It talked more about her childhood and the influences it had on her writing and took her back to the flat she lived in when she wrote the first HP book - where she got very emotional.

Danette Haworth said...

Haha Cate! Of course the good of chocolate outweighs the bad of it--antioxidants and all that!

Hunter said...

Happy New Year.

Our visiting son leaves tomorrow and my husband and I have decided we're not eating for two weeks.

Wishing you a wonderful 2008.