Sunday 23 September 2007

Urban Tale - 60 Word Fiction

Glass crunched underfoot and set curtains twitching. Surburban neighbours from hell. Curious eyes, pricked ears, no sound unnoticed with the exception of her scream. Beauty, trapped in semi-detached.

Azalea at the window. Blossomed princess left waiting.

He'd never get by the dogs or the Davies', or the CCTV. No cry of let down your hair; for he was classed as wolf, not prince in this world.

copyright Catherine J Gardner 2007


Ghost Girl (aka, Mary Ann) said...

Love it! And the picture--fabulous. I revel in the spooky, though my tastes run more along the creepy thriller and the old fashioned ghost story rather than graphic, gorey, flesh-ripping horror.

The irony of everyday eerie is delicious!

Cate Gardner said...

Thanks for commenting ghost girl - Cate