"We want to live...

In the ballroom, wallflower mannequins stretch their fingers towards Ron.
He can't ask them to dance. He's already waltzing with other ghosts.

Someone stole the world while Ron contemplated death. They packed it in a briefcase
and dumped him in the halls of the ruined hotel, The Vestibule. A nowhere place."

100 Limited Edition Signed - Publication Date 5th September 2011



"… her mastery of the written word is so strong – in fact, she’s a fucking Jedi when it comes to painting a picture with words – made this my favorite of the three chapbooks."

                                          ...Strange Aeons Magazine, review at Spectral website.

"Cate Gardner's captivating and deliciously personal tale of sanity and despair is well-handled and intricately woven."

                                         ....Adrian Brady, Morpheus Tales

"From the outset this short chapbook highlights an extraordinary ability on the part of Gardner to instil a sense of dream like lugubriousness."

                                          ...Jason Baki, Floor to Ceiling Books

"From the very first paragraph you can tell two things about this author, Cate Gardner: firstly, that she has a grasp of language, and knows its inherent power in the hands of a true craftsperson; and secondly, she’s taking no prisoners."

                                       ...Nickolas Cook, The Black Glove

"With Nowhere Hall she offers up a building as unsettling and unraveling as Stephen King's Overlook Hotel--The Vestibule."

                                       ...Gef Fox, Skull Salad Reviews

"Nowhere Hall ends up as a journey that is bewildering and heartbreaking, a painful search for worth where objective value has been removed that would fit perfectly along side of Tom Piccirilli’s Every Shallow Cut..."

                                      ...Anton Cancre, Horror News Net

"Full of the kind of familiar yet insidious imagery that gives you weird dreams days after you’ve read the book, ‘Nowhere Hall’ made sure that there was no doubt that I’d finish it off and I’ll be sure to look for Cate Gardner’s name on the shelves in the future."
                                        ...Graeme Flory, Graeme's Fantasy Book Review.

"Nowhere Hall is full of great noirish atmosphere and  powerful  and bizarre images worthy of David Lynch."

                                       ...Paul D Brazill, You Would Say That, Wouldn't You?

"Nowhere Hall is an exemplar, a masterclass in writing noir fiction. In particular of a story that creeps up on you using a psychological skewer."

                                       ...Geoff Nelder, at the Spectral Press website.

This is an extremely layered and complex story, that keeps the readers interest, with the use of some extremely good writing...

                                        ...Jim McLeod at Ginger Nuts of Horror site

Brilliant! I can honestly say I've never read anything quite like this before. It is original, thought provoking, and makes me crave her upcoming Delirium Books release... It is a layered and tightly woven chapbook that has more depth than many novellas I've read this year.

                                        ....Jassen Bailey at The Crow's Caw.

If you're looking for a dark funhouse ride through the fragile human psyche, led by a talented and impressive tour guide, NOWHERE HALL is your ticket.

                                      ....Walt Hicks at Page Horrific...

Gardner is incredibly gifted, and succeeds in bringing the reader on a very strange, wild, and mind bending journey into the heart of emotional pain. Nowhere Hall is a powerful little book...

                                      ....Colum McKnight at Dreadful Tales

Nowhere Hall struck me as a very intimate tale. The writer exposes Ron's emotional core, his inner most thoughts and feelings are laid bare...Spectral Press has delivered another classic tale.

                                        ....Pablo Cheescake  at The Eloquent Page.

Told in a lucid, fractured style with surrealism at every corner (mannequins, moving graffiti, disappearing architecture), Cate Gardner does a terrific job with this bizarre, fantastic, hallucinatory, dazzling & poignant story. Recommended.

                                   ....Mark West, Goodreads Review

Cate Gardner uses recurring images, such as dust and umbrellas, to build up the sense of a web tightening around her protagonist...
                                  ....David Hebblethwaite, Follow the Thread