Sunday 28 June 2020

When a Book is an Event

Regular readers (hello, Bestwick) will know I've posted about all of the books I've read this year. As I was ahead with my blog posts, you may not have noticed (but I did tell you about it, Bestwick) that I haven't been adding new blogs. I lost the joy. First off, I read two books that I really enjoyed (The Fears of Life & Death by Belinda Bauer and Kiss Me Softly, Amy Turtle by Paul McDonald), then I read a piece of classic science fiction (The Changeling by AE Van Vogt) which didn't really work for me, and finally I got stuck with three books (which, I'm not going to name). Then I lost the joy of listing the books I was reading and it all became a chore.

Reading should never become a chore.

I'm probably, possibly, who the hell knows, not going to continue with reviewing each book I read. I might mention ones I really like, or I might cobweb everything. I am going to mention what I'm reading at the moment - The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins. I'm a huge Hunger Games fan. This is an event book for me. An eagerly anticipated, must savour book. I've only 5 chapters in and I already love it.

While savouring it, I also need to finish it within the week (oxymoron - hey, I'm the only moron here), as I'm back in the office on Monday July 6th and don't want to cart a heavy book with me. I'm not certain I'll be able to cart the heavy weight that is me. Thankfully, I'm only in the actual office (I've been working from home since mid March) for two days each week in July, no word on the beast that is August yet. The company are providing parking spaces so people don't have to use public transport (only a handful of the 300 staff are going back - aren't I the lucky one!), which is great only I don't have access to a car. Of all the things I regret in my life, it's not learning to drive. Well, I tried but it was disastrous and I didn't continue. If you're reading this, if you can't drive and your nerves aren't shot, please take lessons. If you can afford them. Don't steal a car and practice because that is frowned upon.

Catch you later, I'm heading back to Coriolanus Snow and the tenth annual Hunger Games.

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