Sunday 5 April 2020

Read 2020 - 37 - Four For Fantasy

Four for Fantasy, a PS Publishing anthology featuring stories by Brian Aldiss, Joanne Harris, Joe Hill and Richard Christian Matheson, was released at the World Fantasy Convention in 2013. I might have picked the book up there but I suspect it came in a goodie bag at another convention a few years later.

This collection didn't quite work for me, despite containing one of my favourite Joe Hill stories, Pop Art. I'm sure your mileage will vary.

In other news, it's supposed to be a glorious day. I'd planned to sit in the garden and read, but the weather is not quite what was reported (bloody British, always going on about the weather), and I'm sitting at my computer trying to catch up with blogging and fighting to stay awake, plus nervous and twitchy leg is doing her daily dance (seriously leg, why aren't you skinny?). Cup of tea number 700 on the go. Did have a nice chat with the neighbour's rottweiler from the window. She seemed confused, but I'll take interaction where I can get it these days.

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