Wednesday 18 March 2020

Read 2020 - 33 - White Bones by Graham Masterton

"I wouldn't swear my mother's life on it, but it looked like the same
car, and in any case my mother died three years ago, God rest her soul."
White Bones by Graham Masterton is the first in the Katie Maguire detective series. Set in Southern Ireland, it's dark and brutal, graphic and traumatising, and addictive. The characters are sympathetic, yet damaged. Will definitely read more in the series.
Coincidentally while I was reading book one, the Bestwick was reading the final book in the series. On his Kindle - so no hope of me borrowing that then. I do wish he'd stop buying books for his Kindle as it means buying an extra copy if I want to read it - someone have a word with him. Boy, that sounds whiney. The Bestwick bought this book for me as Christmas present in 2019. He's awesome like that.

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