Tuesday 24 September 2019

The Mute Swan

I am delighted to announce that my story The Mute Swan set in my lovely town of Wallasey and New Brighton will appear in Paul Finch's Terror Tales series, Terror Tales of Northwest England.

The anthology (available to pre-order from Amazon) due out on October 1st features stories by Simon Bestwick, Stephen Gallagher, Ramsey Campbell, Paul Finch, Anna Taborska, Simon Kurt Unsworth and John Travis, amongst others.

Here is an extract from my story:

Carys screamed.

Feathers rained from the costume, carpeting the floor with swan. Carys tore at the dress, at the bodice too tight for her expanding frame. The tips of the feathers pricked her arms, as if inking a message on skin, transforming it. Scream hitched against her throat. She coughed blood onto the bones of the dress. If she snapped the bodice, it would cover her front, her burgeoning chest, but little else. She stretched her neck. The scream would not stop.

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