Sunday 1 January 2017

Favourite Short Stories of 2016

2016 has seen some amazing fiction published and I managed to (mostly) keep a list of my favourite short stories this year. In alphabetical order (by author) they are:

And Ashes in Your Hair by Simon Bestwick (Something Remains - anthology)
The Wrath of the Deep by Simon Bestwick (The Hyde Hotel)
The Scythe by Ray Bradbury
White Rabbit by Georgina Bruce (Black Static)
The Great Silence by Ted Chiang (Electric Lit)
A Tale Before Supper by Ray Cluley (This is Horror)
S.K. by James Cooper (Postscripts 36/37)
Damnatio Ad Beastias by Kristi DeMeester (Apex)
Floodwater by Kristi DeMeester (The Dark)
The Sound That Grief Makes by Kristi DeMeester (The Dark)
The Marginals by Steve Duffy (Black Static)
Melpomene's Heirs by Evan Dicken (Clowns - anthology)
A Whisper in the Reeds by Nerine Dorman (African Monsters - anthology)
Shadow Boy by Lora Gray (Shimmer)
Foul is Fair by Tyler Keevil (Black Static)
The Ice Plague by Tim Lees (Black Static)
Postcards From Natalie by Carrie Laben (The Dark)
Man of the House by V.H. Leslie (Black Static)
The Blue Room by V.H. Leslie (The Hyde Hotel - anthology)
The Oestridae by Robert Levy (Black Static)
Anthony's Vampire by Seanan McGuire (Nightmare)
Trying to Get Back to Nonchalant by Ralph Robert Moore (Black Static)
On the Road by Nnedi Okorafor (African Monsters - anthology)
Rusties by Nnedi Okorafor & Wanuri Kahiu (Clarkesworld)
The Chickens and the Three Gods by Kit Power
Tohoku by Danny Rhodes (Black Static)
The Old Roads by Lynda Rucker (Burrow Press)
Blonde by Priya Sharma (Interzone)
Egg by Priya Sharma (Mithila Review)
The Jacaranda Wife by Angela Slatter (The Dark)
Dog by Reece Shearsmith (Dead Funny - anthology)
Deep within the Marrow, Hidden in my Smile by Damien Angelica Walters (Black Static)
Sugar, Sin & Nonsuch Henry by Damien Angelica Walters (Sing Me Your Stars - Collection)
Darkness and Darkness by Robert Freeman Wexler (Postscripts 36/37)
Reapers Rose by Ian Whates (Nightmare)
The Men from Narrow Houses by A.C. Wise (Liminal)

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