Wednesday 30 December 2015

End of Year Review

Having allowed life to bite me during 2015 (and the previous year) I neither wrote very much nor read much. I think I'm coming out of the slump now, but I've thought that before. I should glue my fingers to the keyboard during 2016 although that could prove a challenge as my alphabet would be reduced to nine letters if I kept a thumb for the space bar.

Anyhow, here is what I had published in 2015:

The Drop of Light and the Rise of Dark in Black Static #45
When the Moon Man Knocks in Black Static #48
The Bureau of Them (a novella) by Spectral Press

And here is what is forthcoming (so far) in 2016:

*Secret Short Story in Secret Pro Anthology
A Silent Comedy in Coulrophobia (anthology) 
The Coyote Corporation's Misplaced Song in Hyde Hotel (anthology) 
In the Macabre Theatre of Nightshade Place in Postscripts 
Shadow Moths - an e-chapbook from Frightful Horrors

I also currently have two stories out in the wilds and one that I need to submit. The cupboard is a little bare, Deirdre. And, I'm working on my novel only I'm also not working on my novel--we're on a break. 

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