Friday 5 June 2015

Hiss, Crackle & Making Sounds Only Dogs Will Hear

Gather your pooches around the radio this Saturday (6 June) between 4pm and 6pm and tune in to North Manchester FM (106.6FM), where I'll be talking to Hannah Kate about books and possibly gabbling that fast and that high that only dogs will hear my squeaks.

Don't worry if your dog seems temporarily possessed he/she will regain full use of their legs once they have processed what they've just been subjected to. All humans should remain unaffected.


Simon Kewin said...

Ah, missed it. Hope it went well!

Michael Stone said...

I've listened to the first half of the programme on the station's site (I moved the slider when they played Wham, though). You sound great, Cate. Confident, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. You actually come across better I reckon than the presenter! If ever I get invited to speak publicly I hope I can do half as good a job as you.

Cate Gardner said...

Thanks, Simon.

Thanks, Mike. I was nervous times one million and at one point in the second half, the Bestwick danced past the window. Argh! You actually get a mention in the second half - said that one of your novellas from the excellent FOURTOLD inspired me to write Theatre.

Michael Stone said...

I better make a date with Part 2 then! Thanks (in advance, or is it belated...?) for the mention.