Sunday 1 December 2013


As Gremlins consigned to HER HIDEOUS HIGHNESS, THE UNSPEAKABLY UGLY CATE GARDNER, we have stolen her password, taken over her blog and won't let her back in until CHRISTMAS is done. 

Behold our first post...


NO ONE believes Her Majesty is EVIL.

We wish NO ONE were a GREMLIN and not a collective description for all HUMANS. The humans are wrong. SHE is a MASTER GENIOUS OF EVILNESS and some. Treacle wants to make HER LADYSHIP an honorary GREMLIN. She certainly has the credentials:

Breaking things 
Smashing things
Accidentally spilling things
Frightful hair

I'm of the opinion we will win this battle and make her sing to OUR TUNE, which will be silence, silence and more silence. It can't be too hard to GAG someone who spends most of their time staring into space. Its just she has this knack of moving just when we're about to lean in and ends up knocking us off the desk. CROOK thinks she's a NINJA in disguise. 

I don't think Ninjas are supposed to have so many wobbly bits. 

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