Thursday 5 December 2013


Crook is a master planner. He keeps his detailed plots and maps stuffed beneath her majesty's desk, which she NEVER moves to clean beneath. When we say NEVER we mean--not until today. Her ladyship dropped a pen.

She has a thing for pens. In fact, if you're missing a pen it's more likely to be in her pocket than ours. We leave pens were they are. It's much more fun to half-unscrew a fountain pen and watch the ink dribble over a nice white shirt.

SHE never wears white shirts. Thinks they make her look FAT because shirts have that ability.

FACT (which we pinned to her notice board but she's yet to read): SHE SHOULDN'T EAT NOODLES whatever COLOUR HER SHIRT.

Her messiness makes us feel redundant.

Thanks to HER MAJESTY'S unexpected and inexplicable desk move, there are COFFEE stains all over Crook's plans. I think she forgets we are the GREMLINS here. 

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