Friday 4 October 2013

Creepy Freebies - Muahaha

You may have noticed that I've been remiss in appearing here of late. Then again, you may not. I used to be an obsessive blogger. Obsessive (with a capital O and not just because it's starting the sentence). When Milo Fowler contacted me about joining his Creepy Freebies for October, I figured why not. May as well wake the blog up for a month. Who knows, I may even find I have some news to report like...

Aliens have abducted me because they loved the short story full of loony people that I set on the moon.

or... I've finally won the battle with the gremlins and now I am their queen rather than their Cinderella. Not that I have a fairy godmother and if I did, said fairy godmother would probably look like The Wolf Dude. I hope my fairy godmother would look like the wolf dude.

or...Oscar Wilde rose from the dead to stop my attempts at wit because he feared I might break the world. Then we sat in the gutter for a while and contemplated the stars.

Who knows?

Anyway, what is Creepy Freebies all about? Well it's probably obvious. Freebies that are creepy. Or creepyish (and no I'm not giving away The Wolf Dude - although he's not creepy at all; more cute in a terrifying, blood-dripping from his teeth way). Every Friday a bunch of bloggers will be listing links to free stories or giving things away for free that are creepy (I suppose). Still not giving away The Wolf Dude.

Today's players are... (drumroll please) Erin Cole (win an ebook of her latest story collection - yay!), Rhonda Parrish (freebie story and a million and one AWESOME freebies in a competition), Milo James Fowler (the king of Creepy Freebies will be raffling off some of his titles) and Stoney Setzer (awesome freebies still to be revealed - stay tuned).

Next week there will be another bunch of freebie-giving writers, some of them creepy (that's because it's my turn next week). Oh wait, I'm not really creepy. I hope.


EC said...

Thanks for the mention, Cate, and best of luck with those gremlins!

Aaron Polson said...

Not creepy at all. ;)

Simon Kewin said...

Ah, I figured the alien abduction thing had probably happened. I'm doing Creepy Freebies next Friday, too. Hope it goes well for you.

Anonymous said...

Glad to have you aboard the Creepy Freebies train!