Sunday 30 June 2013

Sally Broke Her Neck

After a glorious weekend in Manchester, I arrived home to find Sally had broken her neck and was lying unnoticed on my bookshelves. Don't worry, Sally is a ceramic doll from The Nightmare Before Christmas and I have super glue.

If only we could be fixed as easily.

Thank you to everyone who offered support in my 'writer's block' cry for help and especially to Deborah Walker whose wonderful advice got me writing again. So far, I've written one short story (This Contagion) and am hoping it's not a one-off. It shouldn't be, especially as, after a visit to Manchester Museum yesterday, I am full to the brim with ideas. Now I just have to beat the procrastination gene.

Some other news:

Alison Littlewood won my In the Broken Birdcage of Kathleen Fair competition. Thank you to everyone who entered and who has purchased the novella.

I finally subscribed to Duotrope because I missed it.

Oh, and I my google-fu found this review of Shimmer 16, which contains my story 'The Binding of Memories', over at Casual Debris. They kindly said the following about my story: "Dreamy and unique, a good concept well delivered, and a story that well represents the shimmery quote from above."

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Simon Kewin said...

Great the ideas are flowing again. Quici - write them down!