Sunday 27 January 2013

Snow Business

Lots of goodness this week.

Received my contributors copy of 'Burning with Optimism's Flames' (edited by Jay Eales). It contains my story '...and from the tower she did fall.' All the stories are set in the Faction Paradox universe (an off-shoot of the Doctor Who universe). Mine is a dark little tale about ravens, men in terror-bird masks and a killer. You can also read a review over at Daniel Tessier's blog.

Issue 16 of Shimmer is now available to purchase. It contains my cake-filled story 'The Binding of Memories'.

Finished the first draft of my novella and the first draft of a short story, which makes this coming week 'second draft week'. I also have a clearer idea where my novel is going and am back at the excited stage. Keeping up with my steps (what do you mean you don't care about my steps! Pfft). 87,562 steps this week. Best week so far despite the snow.

I usually hate walking in the snow.

No, make that, I usually despise walking in the snow. Oh, how I moan.

Not this time though. It was after eleven at night, the lighting was glorious, very few people were about and the Bestwick and I got to trample through the virgin snow, holding hands and pelting each other with snow balls. Everything looked so pretty. Although, no snowmen were built. Shame on us.

I told you there was lots of goodness.


Michael Stone said...

And now the snow has all gone! Well, it has here, anyway. Bloomin' rain.

Congratulations on the publications and completing the first draft of the next masterpiece. And the steps. Not forgetting the steps...

K.C. Shaw said...

I love snow but it's not very fun to walk in, definitely. Although it sounds like you made the best of it. :)

Tyhitia Green said...

Sounds like you're very busy with the writing. Congratulations! I should take a lesson. I need to get busy---er!

Andrea Allison said...

At least you're lucky enough to get snow. Last year, we received a foot or so worth of snow. Barely seen a few flurries this winter. We're stuck with rain as usual. *sigh*

Congrats on your publications.