Monday 24 September 2012

This is Horror - Manchester 2012

Normally you'll find me raving about how cool my city (Liverpool) is but on this rare occasion I am going to rave about a city close to mine - Manchester. For those who falsely believe Manchester is superior to Liverpool note that this is a one time event...

Liverpool is way cooler. For one, it has me in it.*

The folk at This is Horror were holding an event at MadLab to celebrate the launch of Thin Men with Yellow Faces, a chapbook by Simon Bestwick and Gary McMahon.

(Side note: MadLab was far less mad than expected - colour me disappointed - although we did spend some time in an Odd Bar before the event. I'll take whatever strangeness I can find.)

The wonderful Jasper Bark hosted the event (a seriously brilliant host) and there were readings by Ramsey Campbell, Conrad Williams and, of course, Simon & Gary read an extract each from their chapbook (available to purchase here - although if you're at Fantasycon this week I believe you'll be able to pick up a copy there (hint - it's brilliant and chilling). Jasper interviewed all four authors and then there was a panel discussion. There was also an ass pressed up against the window - I missed that bit. I always miss everything. Oh wait... I didn't miss the bit where I was pointed out in the audience. I believe I may have fallen under my chair at that point. I'm such an attention seeker obviously.

It was lovely to finally meet Michael Wilson and Jasper Bark, and also lovely to meet Dan Howarth again, also Jo Baldwin (who had the most gorgeous coat in the history of coats - priorities people), Ian Graham, John Costello, Conrad Williams, Ramsey Campbell, Jenny Campbell, Ronnie Bark, Pat Kelleher, Shaun Hamilton and other folk. Fabulous, fabulous night, which was rounded off with a meal at a Korean restaurant with a bunch of good folk.

Now I shall scrutinise the Fantasycon programme and decide which panels, readings etc I want to attend. I already see two things that clash but I have a plan. A cunning plan. Okay, it may not be that cunning.

*actual ego can fit on a pin head (but not the Pinhead)
**Manchester is also rather cool because it's where the Bestwick resides


K M Kelly said...

Liverpool is definately cooler! :-) Sounds like a good event though!

Cate Gardner said...

You're right, Kate ;)