Thursday 31 May 2012

Frightening Aliens

A few things...

Firstly, lazy people who buy supermarket pre-prepared salad deserve to discover its contents are mainly iceberg lettuce and red onion. You do not want me to breathe on you right now. Plus, discovering radishes are one calorie each makes them a heck of a lot tastier. I could eat radishes for breakfast, lunch, tea... Expect me to turn as red as a radish.

My diet has totally stalled over the last month and I was all arms flapping in the air (though obviously not flapping enough) and bemoaning how unfair it was that I was dieting and not losing anything and then I thought about it a little and realised I'd probably become complacent and let extra calories slip in thus I am on an 800 calorie a day diet for two weeks and then I'll go back to 1400. Plus I'm heading for the lift and not the stairs. Most of the time. I've also ramped up my exercise a little if only as a warning to aliens not to invade Earth. The logic in this is, they'll be flying over Liverpool, wonder what the seismic shift is, see me dancing and flee back to their mother planet.

I saved you all.

But I still can't have cake.

And now other awesome things...

You may have heard me mention how much I loved KC Shaw's Jack of All Trades - seriously the book is delightful and I refuse to ever shut up about it - well now Kate has another book out, Evil Outfitters Ltd which I have wanted to read for forever and is set in the same universe.

Trust me, you are going to want to read it.

And today... How much awesome book news can you take in one day? Well lots I suppose seen as you all love books.

Today, Ennis Drake's book 28 Teeth of Rage is released by Omnium Gatherum. It will be available as both and e-book and a paperback. You can read the blurb here.

Ennis's short stories have previously appeared in Horror Library 4 and Twisted Legends. 28 Teeth is his first novel.

Now I shall go and scare off more aliens.


K.C. Shaw said...

Thanks for the shout-out! Me and Ennis Drake have awesome bookdays today. :)

My diet is the same, I was losing slowly but steadily and feeling really motivated, and then suddenly stopped losing. Now I have to walk up all those stairs at work. By the time I get to the top (third floor!) I'm gasping and staggering like I've just climbed Everest.

Cate Gardner said...

I should now shamefully admit that my office is on the first floor (which is the second floor in the US, I think as we have a Ground Floor).

Steven Pirie said...

I'm convined the body goes into 'Famine Mode' shortly into a calorie restricted diet, and becomes super efficient at existing on those calories.

Possibly a jolt with extra exercise or relaxing the calorie restriction for a few days will kick the metabolism out of such a mode.

Of course, it should be stated I'm not rake-like :-)

Simon Kewin said...

It's good to know you're out there, fighting for us. Thanks for the book tips. Damn, more I need to read ...

Cate Gardner said...

Actually, I believe exactly the same thing, Steven.

I try my best, Simon.

Deborah Walker said...

Blimey, 800 calories sounds like torture. You are a woman of iron will.

Thanks for the shout out on two very interesting publications, Cate. Good luck to both authors.