Monday 2 April 2012

What I did in March

I wrote an odd tale about balloons, cake, vicious aunts and memory stealing fiends (The Binding of Memories)
I wrote a desperate tale of loss (In the Dark Hollow of a Caravan Someone Waits)

And, those were the shorts.

I completed the second draft of The Bureau of Them at 19,214 words - edited it, edited it some more, decided it was missing a certain something and have left it to brew.

That was my only longish thing.

Other things...
- I wrote an article for This is Horror (Decapitating Gingerbread Men)
- I survived an interview with Peter Tennant (though word is yet to get back to me if he survived)
- Pedro the Pedometer entered my life and just as swiftly departed it when he refused to count all the steps I'd done while mowing the garden. No one should mess with me when I'm gardening. He winks Hello at me every morning, but I'm determined to ignore him. Next time, I shall buy a pedometer that calculates zombie steps.
- I lost 12lbs and shook my hips in front of the mirror like a narcissist.
- Attended a house gig for my brother's 40th birthday where he'd hired Henry Priestman (formerly of The Christians). Very, very awesome. And my brother joined him on stage (or rather in the kitchen)
- Hadley Rille had a sale of their eBooks (officially started on Saturday 31st so I can include it) and it's still ongoing (due to end soon) - so at the moment you can read Theatre for 77p or 99c. A steal.


Deborah Walker said...

Sound like a very good month. I don't know what I did in March. I can barely remember it. That can't be good. I should do a little post to remind myself.

Jeff Coffield said...

Pedro, like all exercise gadgets and equipment, is evil and didn't give you one warning about the mad hatter. Pedro must be exorcised from your life. Yeah bad pun.
Congratulations on the weight loss.


Cate Gardner said...

I'm sure you did far more than me, Deborah

I agree (on the exorcism), Jeff