Thursday 26 April 2012

Book Spine Poetry

This post is inspired by Carrie Cuinn and in honour of National Poetry Month...

A little poem (that may be stretching it) from my to read pile:

Ghosts Know

In the Dark of the Night
Fallen Pretty Monsters
Perchance to Dream
In the Shadow of Gotham


Deborah Walker said...

Is it National Poetry Month. Well, sheesh. That one passed me by. Mind you I have been in Cyprus.

I like a bit of poetry. Do you write it, Cate? Your prose is very lyrical.

Cate Gardner said...

I started out writing poetry, realised I wasn't very good at it, and moved onto prose instead.

Deborah Walker said...

'Not very good?' I find that hard to believe.

I'm like some kind of poetry evangelist. I'm always encouraging my writing friends to write it.

I do find that it informs my prose. I've had half a dozen good sales that came from an arc that started life as a poem.

But, that said, there's only so much time in the day. And I will say that my poetry acceptance rate is mad compared to my prose. So, it keeps me going through my dry spells.

Hey hoy. If you took it up again, Cate, I'm fairly sure that you'd rock it.

Simon Kewin said...

I love the idea of book-spine poetry. Actually I love the idea of "found" poetry or prose generally.

Robert said...

What I find most fascinating about this whole thing is that people still read John Saul books! ;-)

Cate Gardner said...

Believe it, Deborah

I love book-spine poetry because it's easy, Simon

Actually this would be my first John Saul book, Robert :D