Thursday 1 March 2012

What I did in February

I wrote a story about Eric Snow that's sure to melt your heart. He's out in the world seeking acceptance
I thought about things for Bibliotheca Fantastica (Dagan Books anthology - deadline March 31st) and made some odd little notes.

Those are the shorts for this month.

Completed the first draft of The Bureau of Them (previously titled Wicked, Full of Promises) at 21,876 words (20,000 words of which were completed this month) and I ended the month 12,786 words into the second draft and discovered that people are not necessarily called what you think they're called. The minor characters aren't playing ball but I will discover their true names.

Didn't touch Cobwebs at all. Permission to slap my wrists granted.

Those are the longer things.

Jeremy C Shipp accepted Dreams of a Ragged Doll for the Attic Toys anthology
The story I wrote last month The Mechanical Heart of Him found a home (Daily Science Fiction)
An old story The Scratch of an Old Record (originally published in Necrotic Tissue) is to made into a podcast (that's a first for me)

So that's two and a bit acceptances.

Other things...
- I wrote a Women in Horror post for Damien Walters Grintalis's blog.
- I lost 8 pounds. In weight, not money. I lost far more money, I'm sure.
- I finished watching season 3 of Fringe and now have to wait until about September for season 4 to be released on DVD. Next up, I'm going to try Broadwalk Empire, which I bought on DVD a few months back. Damn Sky and their darn exclusive Atlantic channel.
- I danced like a mad woman to The Muppets theme tune.
- Armed with a laptop and a debit card I hunted down the lesser-spotted blue guitar just in time for my nephew's 5th birthday. I ate cake. Actually, I ate two cakes because my niece was 7 the same weekend. Well not the whole birthday cake, obviously...Small people would have bitten my hands off if I'd tried. Hands don't taste as good as cake.
- Davy Jones died, which made lots of people :(. I had the pleasure of seeing The Monkees (minus Mike Nesmith - I  Mike Nesmith) in concert in the late 80s. They were fekkin' brilliant.


Josh Reynolds said...

Man, I need to get rolling on my Bibliotheca Fantastica submission.

And congratulations on the podcast! I always get a little thrill hearing my stuff read out, and I bet your stories will sound all the better.

Cate Gardner said...

We must not miss the deadline.

Simon Kewin said...

A great month. But, seriously, you need to work on Cobwebs ...

Deborah Walker said...

I really like these round-up posts. I wonder what I did in Feb. I can barely remember. That can't be good.

Cate Gardner said...

I know, I know, Simon

I love them too, Deborah (maybe because I'm nosy)

K.C. Shaw said...

Dang, that's an excellent February! Congrats on the podcast--I love that story.

Cate Gardner said...

Thanks, Kate

Jeff Coffield said...

Busy lady; how is the devil to entertain himself?


Cate Gardner said...

Oh, I save time for him as well ;)

Katey said...

Oooh yes, we can talk Boardwalk Empire if you do! I think your love of things 1920s will predispose you to like it -- the costumes are worth watching for alone.

It was a very productive February, I'd say. No one needs to slap any wrists!

Cate Gardner said...

Definitely, Katey