Tuesday 21 February 2012

The End

I've finished the first draft of my novella The Bureau of Them (previously titled: 'Wicked, Full of Promises' thanks to misheard song lyrics) and typed those magical words 'The End'. Only, it's not really is it? I mean, I'm a wee liar claiming to be done and all that. For those willing to happy dance with me with regards to this false end, I warn you, like the apocalypse, it comes in many shapes and forms.

A warning to family and non-writing friends re 'The End'.

We are currently here... First draft finished - 21,876 words
My reaction: Happy Dancing, Dreaming of Stardom
Your (possible) reaction: Excellent. Woot! Can I dance too?

In a few weeks we will be here... Second draft finished - 23,500 words
My reaction: Happy Dancing, Dreaming of Stardom
Your (possible) reaction: Fabulous. Woot! Then mid dance (arms flung up in the air, shaking that bum)... Wait, didn't she already tell us this? Then, back to the dance and... I must be mistaken.

Several weeks later... Third draft finished - 24,428 words
My reaction: Happy Dancing, Dreaming of Stardom
Your (possible) reaction: Now wait... I know you already said you'd finished this book... My hips are still aching from the last bout of wooting and squeeing.

Several more weeks later... The edits are finished - 22,000 words
My reaction: Happy Dancing, Freaking out that I may have to write a synopsis. Maybe I should tweak a few more words/sentences/chapters.
Your reaction: Shut up already.

I apologise in advance.


K.C. Shaw said...

If you can't dance and dream of stardom at every stage of the project, what's the point? Congratulations!

Simon said...

Absolutely. In the meantime, I have begun the first round of wooting, squeeing and happy dancing on your behalf.

Jeff Coffield said...

Congrats on the Snoopy celebratory dance.

Cate Gardner said...

Plus, happy dancing will help shed inches, right?

Thanks, guys.

Anthony Rapino said...

Ha! Yeah...I can't tell you how many times I "finished" Soundtrack only to finish it again. And again. And...

craig hallam said...

Bwahaha This post is genius. You should do writer-based Stand Up Comedy!

I totally do this as well. I think people get really pee-d off with hearing about my WIPs. Hell, even I get sick of hearing myself sometimes :)

Looking forward to reading this one. Loved your "Pinstripes" collection.

Keep us updated (whether we can stand it or not ;D)

Cate Gardner said...

It never ends, Tony

That's a scary idea, Craig

Anonymous said...

Celebrate every stage, I say! I celebrate getting a good idea, finishing it, finishing it, finishing it, acceptance, cover art, and holding finished product in my hands. And as I tend to celebrate with alcohol, a rejection instead of an accpetance doesn't alter the pattern too much as I simply drown my sorrows instead. :-)

Simon Kewin said...

Excellent! Hope the w00ting and squeeing is going well.

Lee Thompson/Thomas Morgan/James Logan/Julian Vaughn said...

Wonderful, Cate! Good luck on selling it (not like you'll need it!)

Cate Gardner said...

I stopped about five minutes ago, Simon.

Good luck indeed, Lee

Cate Gardner said...

Anon, evil blogger marked you as spam but I heroically saved your comment. Yes, we should celebrate all the time :D

Ray Cluley said...

You hero - anon was actually me but for some reason the site didn't give me the opportunity to say so. Consider it me in disguise, opera mask and cloak or something.

Cate Gardner said...

Very mysterious, Ray