Tuesday 10 January 2012

The Travelling Theatrical Tour: Interview with Simon Kewin

The Travelling Theatrical Tour continues over at Simon Kewin's blog where Simon kindly offered to interview me. Thanks, Simon.

Simon is one of the inspirational geniuses behind Write 1 Sub 1 where the ambitious sign up to write and sub a story a week (or a month). I watch them from afar. Simon's stories have appeared in Kaleidotrope, Daily Science Fiction, Brain Harvest and many more places. His latest short story 'Her Long Hair Shining' is available to read online at Abyss & Apex. A collection of his short stories, Spell Circles, is available from Amazon.

Other stops on the tour:
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Jeff Coffield said...

Try the bus station for ideas especially when it rains. Some weirdness doesn't surface until it rains at least here in the states.


Anthony Rapino said...

I'm actually considering doing write1sub1 this year. Crazy, i know.

Cate Gardner said...

Will do, Jeff

You're insane, Anthony

Simple name said...

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