Saturday 21 January 2012

Shaking the Six Demon Bag

The amazing Josh Reynolds invited me over to his blog for a wee interview. You can read it here...if you are so inclined.

Josh's book 'Knight of the Blazing Sun' is released by Warhammer this March, and you can read an extract over at The Black Library website.

It's been a week of interviews, with others over at This is Horror and Bloody Bookish. The blog tour continues this week with posts at Gef Fox, Mark West, Simon Bestwick and Chris Gerrib's place. Guest blogs will be on the way to you wonderful folk this weekend.

Today, after the dreaded supermarket visit, I shall edit a short story and then get back to the novel. Of course, that's if I ever get dressed.


Simon said...

Just go shopping Salford-style, in your PJ's. Winceyette is very in this winter. Especially in hot pink. :)

Cate Gardner said...

I like to think that girls who do that actually get dressed in clean pyjamas rather than go out in the ones they slept in.

I think I'd be arrested. :D

Simon said...

Only so that the police could take photos. :)

Deborah Walker said...

Wheeee. I'm enjoying the pots and interviews. You're doing a stellar job, Cate.

Cate Gardner said...

Even the police don't get to take my photo, Simon :D

Thanks, Deborah

Simon Kewin said...

We don't have the dreaded supermarket. Only Morrisson's. I'm kinda envious.