Tuesday 1 November 2011


Remember, remember it's the first of November...

I'm glad I'm not participating in NaNoWriMo but I do keep having twinges of envy when I read the status updates of those who are. Especially as I'm in an 'I used to write' funk at the moment which is exasperated by my spending  too much time selling things on eBay. We've been down this road before and it led to an accidental* four or five year break from writing. :O Way to freak myself out. (I may have just spun around the room flapping my hands).

*Seriously, accidental. I slid away from writing, left a novel in progress for all those years, and then got a wake up call one day when I was talking to someone at work (who I'd just discovered was a writer) and realised I hadn't been a writer for some time. Although that journey into eBay was to pay off some astronomical debts, I have no such (touch wood) excuse this time.

The thing about not writing is it stresses you out and you end up on a not-so-merry-go-round of achieving nothing. I will get my funk back. Or steal someone else's. Muahaha. (Dear Google Spell Check, Muahaha is spelt correctly :P) Or maybe I'll attack my laptop with a ruler (it's about the most dangerous thing here) and sit in a corner with pen and paper.

By the way, this is not a 'please sympathise with me' post, it's a 'where I'm at at the moment post and I will speed through it and annoy you with how much I've written before we all know it'. Plus life is full of awesomeness thanks to things like this review for Theatre of Curious Acts in Publishers Weekly...

Anyway, I shall leave you with some fantastically sad and fantastically spooky fiction to read if you are so inclined.

Like Origami in Water by Damien Walters Grintalis
and The Psalm by Simon Bestwick (which you will find on about page 138)

and I haven't read it yet, but quite frankly we all know it will be awesome, The Sons of Chaos and the Desert Dead by Aaron Polson.

Now I must check how those things are selling on eBay and see if I can afford a paddling pool yet or maybe I could buy a muse that is Castiel shaped. Oh yes please.


Simon said...

Thanks for the mention chuck. :)

Hope you're writing again soon, and happy.

Danielle Birch said...

I hope inspiration takes hold in the form of a vice-like grip and you're madly writing again soon.

Robert said...

Awesome PW review!

wv: pyrofle

Cate Gardner said...

You're welcome, Simon :D

Me too, Danielle. I think.

Thanks, Robert

K.C. Shaw said...

You can still join us in NaNoLand, you know.

Oh, MAN, that's a fantastic PW review!

Damien Walters said...

Cate, what a fantastic review! I am so happy for you! I'm sure you'll be spinning more words soon; you are far too talented not to.

And thank you so much for the mention. :)

Aaron Polson said...

Awesome, Cate! (and thanks for the plug)

Deborah Walker said...

I think e-bay is too expensive. There, I've said it.

Cate Gardner said...

No way, Kate

You're welcome, Damien.

You're welcome, Aaron

(Turning into a parrot here)

:O Hopefully especially the things I sell, Deborah.

Katey said...

I had an accident like that too, and took a two year writing break. It was called "going to college" and "learning how to drink". So I guess I was always in training for being a writer even then, I just didn't know it. >.>

Congratulations on the wonderful review, Cate. I cannot express how much I want this book. NEED this book. :D