Sunday 21 August 2011

Rain, Birds and Words.

A fan of productive procrastination (try saying that when you're drunk or, in my case, when you're sober) I spent far too long this morning making a spreadsheet of how many words per day of Grim Glass Vein I would need to write if I want a complete draft by mid September. Not that I have any particular reason for picking September other than it's next month and I'd like to have edited drafts of both Grim and Ghosts by year end so that next year I can reconsider the whole search for an agent thing that I've been conveniently ignoring.

Then I spent the following hour looking at writing desks online and decided that this coming weekend I'd gut my office and rebuild it.

Now I need to construct another spreadsheet. Although actually writing some words might be a more fortuitous plan.

Spent yesterday at the new Museum of Liverpool with the wee ones. Above is a rather rainy view from the second floor window and to the right is an iconic Liver Bird. We are rather fond of them in Liverpool and it's said if they ever fly away that Liverpool would fall into the sea. We're dooooooooomed. Or maybe not because they're all made of solid rather than beating things.

I guess I should write now or look at desk accessories...

Maybe I'll make a new spreadsheet.


Mary Rajotte said...

Ooh, desk accessories. I've also been distracted by school supplies. The countdown to the first day of school may be hellish to the kids but it stokes my want of shiny new pens, notebooks and other such goodies :)

When I went shopping for a desk, they were all so plain and cheaply made. Found a lovely old writer's desk on Kijiji.

Anthony Rapino said...

If you only knew the things I become obsessed with that keep me from working. Oh...good idea for a blog post. :-)

Danielle Birch said...

I don't know how many hours I've spent looking at other writer's desks online :) Tis fun.

I always give myself deadlines - I don't always meet them but they are something to work towards and in a way they keep me on track.

Cate Gardner said...

Mary, I've almost made the decision to keep my old desk because, even though its made of MDF, I don't think I'll find one as handy. It has shelves and drawers and is a decent size.

Would one of them be home brew, Tony

Deadlines do help, Danielle.

Katey said...

Yay for new office stuff!

I really, really want to see Liverpool. Some day I am going to come and visit you and beg you to take me to the museum.