Wednesday 13 April 2011

WIP Wednesday: We Have The Technology

My year so far widget it lies... I don't have fourteen short stories out with editors, I have nine. I'm going through a period of ripping apart every rejected story and composing something new and (hopefully) something better.

So far 'Name Carved on Empty Space' has survived the process and has crawled (postal sub) back out into the world, and now I am working on 'Kodak Dragons'... Only it isn't called that anymore.

KD was a straight science-fiction story with a cheery ending. What was I thinking? During the rewrite it's turned into something darker. Although still set in the near future, it's now a story about old photographs and souls and stalking and drugs and how we are no longer who we used to be.

Or at least that's the plan.

Current word count: 3008 words and counting


Deborah Walker said...

ahem.. .

I do hear that editors like positive SF, and don't get enough of it.

Sorry, don't mean to be opinionated. Has it been out loads of times? One of my writer pals just sold a story on his 24th try (to a pro market).

Cate Gardner said...

It's been to a few places and has garnered lots of nice personals but the overall feel is there could be more to the story and I agree. Unfortunately, more appears to have turned out grim.

Although, we're not at the end yet, so there could still be a chance of happily ever after.

Oh, and advice always appreciated.

craighallam said...

All rewrites and reimaginings aside, how do you come up with such great titles for your stories? Mine are always so bland. And we all know the title makes the first impression and how important THEY are!

Lay some wisdom on me, Cate!

Aaron Polson said...

Positive stories? What are those?


Plans are good. So are deviations from them.

Katey said...

Some day, I hope we can all have a six million dollar story. (Well, if I HAD six million, I'd totally pay it for your stories, Cate.)

Michael Stone said...

All these new stories... Can we expect another collection someday soon?

Cate Gardner said...

The fairies compose them, Craig

I'd settle for a one million dollar story, Katey. I'm not greedy.

Gosh no, Mike. They're not even out the block and published with a magazine yet. Besides I wrote for 20 years before my first was published, so it'll probably be at least another 10 years to the next.