Saturday 15 January 2011

Tumbleweeds, Sad People and Ghosts. Oh my!

'tis Saturday afternoon, I've added another 1,000 words to The Ghosts of Folding Time so far and my web camera widget refuses to move from the left side of my screen. I think it's filming my productivity for posterity. Either that or Mr Grim (my laptop) is watching me. Gulp!

A few tumbleweeds blew through my inbox this week. The heady first week of 2011 has lulled into normalville--I think all the editors have fallen asleep again. I suspect they were powered by Christmas chocolate in its inital days. As was I.

No new short stories completed this week, but I am working on the second draft of a short, Sky Painted Metal Grey (The Thunderous Descent of Michael Skyworth), that refuses to play ball. Never fear, I'll beat it into shape*. You'll find the Rocky training montage in the previous post ;)

And most importantly, two people (or maybe one person who forgot they'd already bought it) purchased Strange Men on Amazon UK this week--or at least the sales rank shifted up twice. And I don't think I know them...Grinning. How sad am I?

*Note to family: Please buy me boxing gloves because paper cuts sting.


Anthony Rapino said...

You sound productive, even if the editors aren't. Much more productive than little old me, which isn't saying much I guess.

Naming your laptop Mr. Grim: Fantastic.

Michael Stone said...

You're due a flurry of acceptances. Just be patient. :)

Cate Gardner said...

Then I have you fooled, Anthony. Most of my diary screams - WASTED TIME - in green ink. :D

I'm actually missing the rejections, Mike. Isn't that odd? They make me feel like I'm trying in every sense of the word. :D

Aaron Polson said...

The acceptances are out there, biding their time. I'm not sure I know what biding one's time means, but they are. And I daresay your titles are getting better.

Is that even possible?

Andrea Allison said...

Maybe the editors need a little Eye of the Tiger to get them moving.

Josh Reynolds said...

That's a good idea actually...attach an MP3 of 'Eye of the Tiger' with every submission from now on, with instructions for the editor to play it as they read your story.

It's a foolproof plan! Or perhaps foolish...I get those mixed up.

Cate Gardner said...

It is possible, Aaron. It is. I hope.

I shall sing to them, Andrea.

I like a foolish plan in the morning, Joshua.

Fox Lee said...

I'm on my travel laptop this week. It's perfectly capable of being used to write, yet the location has me procrastinating. Write or take pictures of cute boys in the mall?

Katey said...

This sales rank thing looks really dangerous--I'm afraid of it!

But yes, what Mike said. It's coming! :D

Anonymous said...

Have I told you lately I love your story titles? I do. They're wondrously whimsical.

Also, I was awfully excited when I saw my first ever tumbleweed in Arizona. Then it snowed on me. It was an odd week.

Cate Gardner said...

Such a difficult choice, Natalie :D

Katey, I was obsessed at first, now I only check it once a day--which is possibly still once a day too many.

I've never seen a tumbleweed, Simon. My life is so unfulfilled.