Monday 31 January 2011

This was the month that...

...I didn't conquer the world (but the world also didn't conquer me).

Monthly Word Count: 25,052 words
Best Day: 3729 words
Worst Day: 70 words
Days Off: One

Acceptances: 0
Rejections: Oh boy!
Determination to Succeed: up 35%

New Short Stories:-
If Monsters Lurk; If (1600)
EverTime, Just Left of 1974 (1400)
The Persistence of Ugly (200)
Sky Painted Metal Grey (The Thunderous Descent of Michael Skyworth) (2200)
Lost Shoes (900)

Plus 16,400 words of The Ghosts of Folding Time.

Things found lurking in the pages of the above: Houdini, Sand Monsters, Other Worlds, Crappy Motels, Towers, Tricksters, Messerschmitt Bombers, 1970s lampshade, zeppelins, ghosts, a butt waggling peasant, diagrams drawn in pencil and chalk.

Current WIPs: The Ghosts of Folding Time (my YA) and an untitled short story about grandfather clocks, butterflies and lonely children.

Last line of January 2011: "By death," Robbie said.*

*Note to self: make sure the last line of February is far more interesting 


Aaron Polson said...

You've been quite busy, Cate. Kudos for that! I have a feeling that February is going to be a kind month.

Danielle Birch said...

Well done on a fabulous first month.

Kara McElhinny said...

That is an awesome month, Cate! Keep on truckin' girl!!

Josh Reynolds said...

Kudos on the great month! And those are some awesome titles, by the by. Makes me jealous just to read 'em!

Andrea Allison said...

I'm sure February will be a more hospitable month towards your world domination plans.

Kudos on a great first month!

Fox Lee said...

Heh heh...butt waggling : )

Cate Gardner said...

Looking at all the mad scrawl covering January makes me feel productive, Aaron.

Thanks, Danielle.

Will do, Kara.

Thanks, Josh. Strangely, I thought my titles a bit blah this month.

It better had be, Andrea. :D

I injected a bit of Sin into my story, Natalie ;)