Monday 24 January 2011

Let's Keep This Short

The first three days of this mighty year were so productive, I spent the following week shining my writers medal and it took until late last week to realise that I'd only read 10 short stories for the year (and most of them in those glorious three days). Wrists slapped.

To rectify, I flipped open my kindle and read this month's Apex Magazine. You'll find the review here.

And to entice you all to read a flash story today. How about a story by Kurt Newton (Soft Whispers in a Dead Man's Ear) over at Leodegraunce. Its lifespan online is short and Kurt is always good value for money. And as this story is free, he's extra good value.


Aaron Polson said...

The short stories of the world are glad to have your support.

Fox Lee said...

If your wrist got slapped, then I need a spanking : P