Tuesday 23 November 2010

End of the Rainbow Review

Over at Tangent Online, Jo-Anne Odell has reviewed the anthology, 'Triangulation: End of the Rainbow' which includes my story The Meaning of Yellow. Many thanks to Jo-Anne.

"The Meaning of Yellow” by Cate Gardner describes a world in which color is banned, but in which it behaves in a very peculiar way..." You can read the rest of the review here.

Am I mad to be happy that the reviewer said well-written. I worry so much about my grammar and punctuation (it's a constant struggle and not something I could grasp at school at all) that the words well-written make me want to dance. I am such an amateur. And yes, it is a very silly tale. She's right.

Yellow was born after spending a day watching Disney's Snow White a hundred times. You may think it's impossible to watch the movie a hundred times in one day, but trust me sitting through a Disney movie for me turns seconds into hours. It's something in the brew, I think.

Okay, word count catch up:

Today's word count: 2514 +  a lousy 140 (other projects)
Total word count: 46,516 + 5244 (other projects)


Aaron Polson said...

Reading a review of one's work is difficult and delicate.

You are a fine writer Cate, and one reader's silly is another's thought-provoking.

Katey said...

Yeah, what Aaron said.

I struggle with grammar and punctuation in my own stuff. For some reason when I edit for others it's so much clearer--or I'm more willing to pick up Strunk and White. I was bad at it in school, too.

Cate Gardner said...

Oh I expect silly. Most of the time I am, Aaron :D

That surprises me, Katey. I've never found your grammar lacking.

Simon said...

Congrats, Cate! It's well-deserved. I've never had any problems with your grammar and punctuation. But what's most important is that your work has its own unique quality. I'd rather read something with a few rough edges that has spice,originality and something to say than something grammatically polished and perfect that's just another clever-clever, done-before, done to death by-the-numbers piece of hackwork. You're definitely in the first category (not that I've spotted many, or any, rough edges for a long time)

Fox Lee said...

"Well written" would make me do backflips, too. Possibly naked backflips!

Danielle Birch said...

I would do backflips too...but not naked ones :)

Cate Gardner said...

Ha! We won't talk about the 1990s, Simon ;)

Oh no, image imprinted on my eyeballs, Natalie.

Ha! Danielle.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! "Well-written" in a review is SO much better than "well-written" in a rejection letter. (I've received more of the latter, I'm afraid.)

Cate Gardner said...

Me too, Milo.