Monday 1 November 2010

Day One - The Museum of Impossible Artefacts

Day one of NaNoWriMo so let's start the month off with a little 'me' NaNoWriMo history.

My first attempt was in 2007 with an unfinished book titled 'Fractured Wings'. It was poop, my computer broke down mid writing it and the thing never did get finished. I have no regrets.

My second attempt or rather, my first success, was in 2008 when I completed 'Theatre of Curious Acts' which will be published next year by Hadley Rille. Success indeed. I suspect the similar title for this year's NaNoWriMo attempt is supposed to be a good luck charm.

Didn't play last year. Decided to get out my pom poms and cheerlead instead. And now we have this year... Stats so far:

Daily Word Count: 945 words (gulp! A combination of dayjob overtime and I always find the first few days of a new book slow going - actually, in comparison to normal starts a count of 945 words rocks).
Total Word Count: 945 words

Characters Playing: Meg Cooper, Cally Darling, Amelia Darling, Baguette Girl (huh!), The Press Gang, Evil Baguette Seller
Time Frame: Dystopian Future - Big Brother has you in chains - what, you expect me to have figured out the exact year?

Things that surprised me: There are stone sentries. Huh! Who invited them to Oldfield Park? Now, I'm going to have to figure out if I can weave them into the plot later on and if not - bye, bye stone sentries. And an, 'Oh, that helps round off the end' moment.


Fox Lee said...

Crap, where did I leave my pompoms??

N. R. Williams said...

Congrats on those 945 words. At this writing I've completed 3 chapter edits for the day.
N. R. Williams, fantasy author

BT said...

Cally and Amelia Darling...I've suddenly got Peter Pan images running around in my head - any relation to Wendy?

Congrats on the getting the ball rolling!

Milo James Fowler said...

Sounds like you're off to a great start. And that you're a pantser, not a plotter?

Simon said...

Go Cate, go Cate, go, go, go! Damn it- Natalie, have you got a spare set of pompoms?

Aaron Polson said...

Ignore the word count for now and just write! Those delightful characters will just take off.

Ken Lindsey said...

Well done, especially with the day job! Keep up the good work

Cate Gardner said...

In Japan, Natalie???

Thanks, NR

Brenton, cousins several hundred years removed, I suppose. :D

I'm plotting. I promise I'm plotting, Milo.

Natalie always has spare pompoms, Simon.

I hope so, Aaron.

Thanks, Ken.

Danielle Birch said...

A good start and you've had success with previous NaNo's. Fingers crossed for this one :)