Wednesday 1 September 2010

The Red Penny Papers

The debut issue of The Red Penny Papers is live. Here's the gorgeous TOC:

The John by Corinne Duyvis
Pluvial by NK Kingston
Shaper of Dreams by John Cash
Postcard Wings above Blackpool Sands by Cate Gardner

and part one of Aaron Polson's novella, Black Medicine Thunder and the Sons of Chaos. Part two follows next Wednesday.

And of course, it's all brought together by our esteemed editor, KV Taylor. She's done a fantastic job so go send her a hearty congrats. And from me, thanks for allowing me to play, Katey.

Now onto the totally kick-ass cover, which is illustrated by C Bernard. As much as I love seeing my name on the cover (and note to Katey: please keep it there), I can't help thinking how goddamn amazing it would be if it just had Aaron's name on (the illustration is of his character Abraham Reaver) and was an actual novella you could buy. I'd kill to put that book on my shelf. So gorgeous.

Anyhow, go read and enjoy.


Fox Lee said...

Studly : )

Unknown said...

The entire magazine looks fantastic. Can't wait to dive in (although I've selfishly cut ahead and read over some of yours and Aaron's work. Fantastic stuff!).

Cate Gardner said...

Isn't he, Natalie. ;)

Jeremy, I believe one should always be selfish.

Katey said...

Cate, your story is just beautiful. I feel so lucky today. <3

Andrea Allison said...

Cover looks nice. Will definitely read.

Cate Gardner said...

Thanks again for publishing it, Katey.

Thanks, Andrea.

Rebecca Nazar said...

Super studly, like an Ash and Indiana mashup. ; )

Aaron Polson said...

Awesomsauce all around.

jonathan pinnock said...

Wow. Looks fab. Congrats all round!

Alan W. Davidson said...

It's a wonderful looking publication. Congrats to you and the others in the first issue!

Barry Napier said...

Katey has done an amazing job pulling this together!

Cate Gardner said...

Indeed, Rebecca.

I agree, Aaron. (Especially on your part)

Thanks, Jon

Thanks, Alan

She really has, Barry.