Saturday 31 October 2009

Have a Horrible Halloween

For me, Halloween shall feature the following... One because it inspired the ending of a book I wrote forever ago, and the other because it has become a Halloween staple at Castle Gardner. There were also be lots of sweets for me and apples for the children (rancid of course)* ...muahaha. Have a nasty one.

*No children were harmed in the making of this Halloween.


Aaron Polson said...

Bits and pieces of Carnival were filmed here in Lawrence. The drag race at the start is one of our busiest intersection now and the pipe organ factory has been relocated (the old building sits vacant). What delightful Halloween treats. Cheers!

K.C. Shaw said...

I've never seen the first one, but I do love Nightmare Before Halloween. I've been humming "This Is Halloween" all afternoon.

Hope your Halloween is going great!

Anonymous said...

another nightmare clip! yes!!

love the disclaimer

John Pender said...

I know I've got Carnival of Souls somewhere.

Fox Lee said...

Rancid apples = flatulent children. THAT is true horror.

Cate Gardner said...

Aaron, yet another reason to visit Lawrence.

Kate, you must see Carnival. I recommend on a sunny afternoon. :D

Samantha, we are so predictable. :D

John, I hope you found it.

Natalie, not only the children were flatulent. :D

Katey said...

Mmmm excellent choices! Hope it was good to you!