Wednesday 5 August 2009

WIP Wednesday - The Miracle Post.

A WIP Wednesday were I actually have some work in progess - it's a miracle.

I've spent the past fortnight finding every possible way to procrastinate and proving award-worthy - there should be a Stoker or a Nebula or an Olympic Medal dedicated to procrastination. Then yesterday, I superglued my butt to the chair (or maybe the consumption of candy floss and Edinburgh Rock secured it there for me) and forced myself to start work on 'Horrifiques' my next YA book and boy was it difficult. I'm at the 'I can't do this' stage which hopefully by next Wednesday will have switched to the 'this is fantastic, agents are going to pop out of my computer and force me to sign with them' stage, then of course it will go back downhill but at least I'll have a decent word count by then to keep me bouyant.

I hope.


So the current pathetic, a short story would be longer, word count is 2,485. I'm not going to bother working out the percentage because it's pants with added loons. Not much more to say, so I'll leave you with a teaser (which is actually the thought that sent the million other thoughts spinning).

"She should have died, that's how they noticed her, because they should have died too."


Jamie Eyberg said...

I like that line. very much a hint fiction piece that is.

Cate Gardner said...

Good point. But I won't cheat... Well not until I realise my three hints in waiting are total poop.

Jeremy D Brooks said... sounds like an Elmore Leonard hint clip.

Rebecca Nazar said...

I hate the "I can't do this" stage. It gives me bouts of narcolepsy, drool on my keyboard and everything.

Aaron Polson said...

Fight the good fight against the "can't dos". That line deserves to be read with a whole glorious manuscript around it.

Simon said...

Great opening line! Keep on going, Catherine!

Tuonela said...

Yep, great line! I can see it now, embossed in gold on the cover.

Matt said...

Sounds good to me!

K.C. Shaw said...

I love that line! It sounds like it's going to be an awesome project.

Danielle Birch said...

And here I am procrastinating, eating musk lollies and reading blogs instead of writing :)

Fox Lee said...

Zombies! Or not. The fun is in the guessing : )

Cate Gardner said...

Jeremy, if only.

Rebecca, I keep trying to convince myself I'm always like this at the beginning.

Aaron, I'm going to put on my boxing gloves later. ;)

Cheers, Simon.

:) Matt

Kate, only in my head.

Danielle, what on Earth are musk lollies?

Natalie, for once - not, well sort of. Now you have me wondering about my band of Horrifiques.

Barry Napier said...

The I Can't Do This Stage is usually what spurs me on. I'm stubborn like that.

Also, that is an awesome line.

Anthony Rapino said...

I'm sure you'll write yourself out of it soon. I bet we all hit these walls.

Yesterday, rather than climb over one such wall, I decided to dig under it.

I came out dirty, but at least I made it to the other side.

Good luck (and congrats on the acceptance you mentioned on twitter).

Cate Gardner said...

Barry, I am the complete opposite. I get that 'caught in headlights' stare.

Thanks, Anthony and I'm digging holes in the ground today.

Katey said...

That is DEFINITELY a teaser line. I love it.

there should be a Stoker or a Nebula or an Olympic Medal dedicated to procrastination.
Seconded! Where can I sign that petition...?

Cate Gardner said...

It's not fair that we work so hard and not working and we get no rewards for it.