Friday 2 January 2009

Two Days In

The Preditors & Editors Poll is up, so if you have time head over there and vote for your favourite author / anthology / short story / magazine of 2008. And if your favourite story etc of the year isn't listed, you can add it. How cool is that.

I added Aaron Polson's 'Reciprocity' to the Sci-Fi/Fantasy nominations (apparently it will take an hour or so to appear on the nomination list) - if you loved the story as much as I did then go vote for him. Actually, go vote for him anyway because if he comes in last he might kill me. :)

I'm still convinced 2009 is going to be a scary year. January 1st hated me. My printer refused to print out 'Cyclone of Painted Shells' so that I could send it out to Fantasy & Science Fiction - I won in the end. :) Then when I went searching for an envelope for an SAE, one of the knobs on my storage drawers fell off and while I'm trying to reattach it (mumbling that 2009 hated me), the entire front of the drawer fell off. Then I was making a stupendous roast dinner and my Mum rushes in from the garden to say a helicopter looked as if it was out of control and it was above our house. When I got outside it was gone - but hey, I believe it was there.

Wrote my first short story of the year today - Golden Age of the Pumpkin Heads - and kind of got submission happy and sent it out already. I really do need to learn a little Stephen-King-patience.


Jeremy D Brooks said...

That was a great story. I see it's now up under the sci-fi/fantasy section.

Cate Gardner said...

Vote for it. :)

Jamie Eyberg said...

When all goes wrong, at least in my household, you grab a bigger hammer.

Fox Lee said...

I love King, but sometimes you have to be crazy : ) Some stories come together and take to editing faster than other, anyway.

Aaron Polson said...

I agree with Jamie - hammers solve a lot of problems

Thanks for the vote!

Cate Gardner said...

Jamie - There was no way I was touching anything I could break my hand with on January 1st. The drawer will remain unfixed until I believe the hex has lifted. :)

Natalie - I figured, 'heck, the stories already brilliant send it out' ;)

Aaron - You're welcome (hope you didn't mind).

Mary said...

I loved Reciprocity, so will cast a vote for Aaron.

And... crikey! I do hope your year improves. ;)

Cate Gardner said...

Thanks, Mary.

And the year is showing no sign of it so far.