Monday 5 January 2009

Tag, You're It

KV Taylor tagged me to do the following meme. She claimed hers wouldn't be at all interesting - I'll show her how uninteresting a life can be. Ha! Ha! Ha! (That was an 'evil laugh' in case you were in any doubt). Anyway, here are the rules:

Share seven facts about yourself in the post. Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.

1. When I was 9, a baby tooth fell out during school and clumsy me managed to lose it in the grass on the way home. I searched and searched that grass and was distraught as I thought the 'tooth fairy' wouldn't leave me any money. May I repeat - I was 9!!!

2. My bike when I was little (yeah, I had it when I was nine) was bright yellow and it made the loudest squeaking noise. People would hear me coming even when I was streets away - which is probably a good thing as I never rode in a straight line and if you took the stabilisers off the bike, I fell off.

3. When I first left college I worked in a betting shop and one bright sunny day a not so nice man walked in with a knife and held it to my throat demanding my boss give him the money from the cash register. The mad woman threw the till drawer at him.

4. I used to have acting lessons with a guy who was an extra in a very old episode of Doctor Who.

5. We don't play 'Dodge Ball' in UK schools but if we did I would have been very good at it. I spent most of my gym lessons trying to dodge the ball (those rounders balls were skull-breaking hard) and was always last to be picked for the team.

6. I don't have a degree. I was always in the top class for maths but struggled with English, so I guess I should be an accountant ::shiver:: and not a writer.

7. I wasn't a very intelligent child. When the weatherman reported there would be rain on the hills I thought he meant on the little mounds of grass in our local swing park. Duh!

Now I'm thinking the above is more who I was not who I am, but it's all you're getting.

I tag:

Kate Shaw
Jodi Lee
Rob Brooks
Justin Pilon
Kim Kasch
Jameson T Caine
And if he ever wakes up JC Tabler


Katey said...

Dude, that was WAY more interesting-- it was actually about you! (Also, very, very cute things.)

When the weatherman reported there would be rain on the hills I thought he meant on the little mounds of grass in our local swing park.
I'm afraid I wasn't very intelligent either. This is so the kind of thing my family used to make fun of me for saying. Actually, it still is...

Aaron Polson said...

We won't mention #6 again. Accounting...yikes.

My wife has a friend that worked as an accountant for Anheuser-Busch, and she misplaced a comma. It was a million dollar mistake. Literally.

Cate Gardner said...

Katey - Luckily my family are just as likely to think something as daft.

Aaron - I guess I was meant to have 'commas' in my life. Can't get away from the blighters.

K.C. Shaw said...

About the tooth fairy, all you have to do is tell people you were upset about not getting that money! No one will realize you actually though the actual tooth fairy actually brought you the money.

I loved your list! I put mine up but it's very boring.

Fox Lee said...

Huh. You're the second person from the UK I know that worked in a betting parlor. Hers sounded scary too!

Jodi Lee (Morrighan) said...

Just got in the door, and I'm just nicking a moment to relax before I get back to work... And Cate is torturing me. Or my readers, depending. ;)

Working at the bookie's doesn't sound at all uninteresting. It kinda sounds exciting!

Jamie Eyberg said...

I find it ironic that neither of us were very good at English but math. Literature was my strong suit. NOT where to put the comma and how to spell the words.

Anonymous said...

Well, if the writing thing doesn't ake off, and you find yourself in the States without a decent job, consider a career in the restaurant industry. Your betting parlor experience could propel you to new heights in the restaurant world. (STAY AWAY FROM THE RESTAURANT WORLD!!!!1)

Too bad you are an incredibly talented writer. Know that your days as a betting parlor person, as well as your time as a whatever-you-do-now are soon to end.

Kimbra Kasch said...

I'm there on #7. I always thought I was sooo smart until I grew up and realized how stupid I am ;-)

Can I just do this: ”Ten Things About Me” or is that cheating?

Carrie Harris said...

An accountant? Ack! I'm a statistician, and accountancy still makes me shudder.

Cate Gardner said...

Natalie - there's a plague of the shops in the UK.

Jodi - cheers for playing along.

Jamie - It's weird, I loved reading and I could spell but grammar has always been my enemy.

Jeremy - I couldn't work in a restaurant - all that chewed food. Gross.

Kim, cheat away.

Carrie - but you're fun. You probably keep yourself amused while playing with numbers etc.

Brenda said...

Love it! These are the types of things I love learning about people...

Besides, all these things made you who you are and if you took up math, we wouldn't get to enjoy your wonderful blog!