Thursday 22 January 2009

A Curious Coincidence

A curious fact about today's word count.

Words completed for the rewrite of Last Seen Drowning - 1176 words
Words completed for the 2nd draft of Theatre of Curious Acts - 1176 words

And it wasn't purposeful at all.

Number of rice krispies in the Rice Krispie cakes I made earlier - 1176

Okay, that last one is a lie. Though the cakes are real. :) They're splattered all over plates in the kitchen (I forgot to buy cake cases - doh!)


Fox Lee said...

We're both making dessert today! I'm going with an apple brown Betty. Will it be delicious? Time will tell.

Aaron Polson said...

Mmmm...Rice Krispies...yum.

Jamie Eyberg said...

More productive than I have been. (I am sneaking in one more short story before the month gets out)

K.C. Shaw said...

Oh heck, the rice krispie treats I make never even get as far as a pan. I just eat them right out of the bowl. And I never add enough Rice Krispies so they're always really sticky and gooey...mmmmmm.

I need to do some writing too today. But first, a snack.

Matthew Baugh said...

This is spooky...did you know when rice-krispy treats were invented?

It was the year 1176(!)


Danielle Birch said...

Very spooky.

I'm trying to finish off a couple of stories to send so that I can actually get more than one story out by the end of the month.

Tuonela said...

I believe it's also the number of M&Ms that can be stuffed into a football, or an otter.

Jeremy D Brooks said...

You mean...the cake is a lie?

Cate Gardner said...

Natalie, I don't know what an Apple Brown Betty was but I know that I want one. Sounds delicious.

Aaron - I like totally want them for my breakfast.

Jamie - go you!

KC - A few may not have made it to the plate ;)

Matthew - I'd heard that but couldn't find any substantiating evidence on the net. :D

Danielle - You can do it.

Ian - when the otter is alive or dead?

Jeremy - the cakes exist. I never lie about the existence of cakes.

Tuonela said...

when the otter is alive or dead?

Good point - though after being force-fed 1176 M&Ms, the question could be academic.

Jeremy D Brooks said...

OK, I have to amend my 'cake is a like' statement with a movie that may be confusing if you didn't get the nerdy cake/lie reference, but is well worth digging into:

If you've never heard it, that song will be stuck in your head for weeks. Months, even. Until you buy the game, solve it, and reclaim your life. True story. Sadly.

Cate Gardner said...

LOL! Ian