Sunday 14 December 2008

The Results

Thank you to everyone who entered the Wolf Dude's competition. The teenagers (the 3 year-old left the building to play with some pretty dolls and took her Nan with her) have chosen.

First prize: The Howlers - R Scott McCoy
Second Prize: Full Moon Frenzy - Carrie Harris
Third Prize: Moon Howling - Brenda

Anyone else see an awful lot of moons and howling making it through to the final. :) My personal fave was Lunarcy.

Can the winners please send their postal address to firemaiden (at) blueyonder (dot) or click the contact button at the top of my blog page (on blogger), and I will get your prizes out to you asap.


Brenda said...

Congrats R Scott and Carrie!!! Thanks Catherine for having such a fun contest...Oh and thanks Wolf Dude for wanting to start a band...Good luck with that!

R. Scott McCoy said...

WOOT!!! It didn't specify, but will they be signed?

IF so, please make them out to Scott, they won't be showing up on Ebay :) I also wish Wolf Dude good luck in his new career, I hope he doesn't forget the little people that helped him get there.

I've got lots of books to read!!

Cate Gardner said...

Ha! Ha! Signed would be way too embarrasing - maybe if someone more famous in the book could sign them.

I love having lots of books to read.

The Wolf Dude has already forgotten you and is convinced he named the band himself.

Katey said...

Yay congrats! Cate, this was a rad contest-- you're entirely too much fun. (No such thing!)

Bobbie Metevier said...

Congrats to the winners!

Kimbra Kasch said...

That was fun!!! Thanks Catherine.

Carrie Harris said...

Yay! Congrats to Brenda and Scott! Apparently, I cannot name books but am not so bad with band names.

Cate Gardner said...

Congratulations, Carrie :)

R. Scott McCoy said...

Christmas came early!! I got my prizes in the mail when I came home from work today. Two great anthologies!!!

Thanks again Cate, even though you didn't sign them :( I can't wait to read them :)

Cate Gardner said...

YAY! I didn't think they'd get to you before Christmas - the British & US postal service must be improving. Hope you enjoy them.