Tuesday 9 September 2008

WolfSongs Contributors

Margaret H Bonham has announced the contributors for the WolfSongs Volume 1 anthology.

Lyn McConchie
Irene Radford
Selina Rosen
Laura J. Underwood
Tracy S. Morris
Gerri Leen
Terri Pray
Sue Burke
Megan Arkenberg
Ken Goldman
Scott Fitts
John Lance
Catherine J Gardner
Karen Wolfe
Toni V. Sweeney
J. Kathleen Cheney
Laura K. Deal
Keith Gouveia
Lizzy Shannon
Carol Hightshoe
M. H. Bonham


Unknown said...

That sounded like a very interesting story that you wrote for this antho. I can't wait to read it.

Jamie Eyberg said...

You are a machine. Congrats on this one. It looks like an interesting antho.

Michael Stone said...

And she put your name in bold font! Oh, wait...

Congrats, Cate.

Cate Gardner said...

Cheers, guys.

Carrie Harris said...

Woot woot! You're really racking up the pubs here!

K.C. Shaw said...

Wow, that's awesome! At this rate, you're going to have more publishing credits than you've actually written stories. :) Congrats!

Toni V.S. said...

I'm very happy to have been chosen for this anthology--and what distinguished company I'll be in!