Wednesday 7 May 2008


I've almost finished working on 'Treading the Regolith', my story for the Return to Luna anthology. Fingers crossed.

It's my first attempt at writing a story that has no hints of horror, fantasy or the surreal and I may well have gone completely off-track. When it comes down to it does it matter? Okay yes, but... I'm currently half-way through the Desolate Places anthology (published by the same publisher) and I've noticed a few of the stories (though set in sci-fi land) are human based and I've tried to capture that feel in my story. Again, a wee bit of a departure from what I do, but then as I don't always know what I'm doing there's nothing new there. Did any of that make any sense? Probably not.

It's out for critique at the moment - gulp!

I've pilfered the picture for this post from the internet. Now that I finally have a gorgeous, wee-bit expensive (for me) digital camera I was going to take my own picture of the moon but wimped out. Maybe when I post news of a rejection/acceptance.

Off topic: It's gorgeous weather here and I'm cooped up in a stuffy little study - now that's dedication to my art.


Anonymous said...

I tried hammering out the bulk of my Luna story today but ended up getting frustrated. I think there's a story there, but I need to make it less wordy. Anyway, best of luck on your story. It's ncie to know I'm not the only one who finds it hard to stray away from horror...

K.C. Shaw said...

Ooh, good luck with the story! You should at least try to shoot the moon (haw) with your new camera too. Sometimes trying something new has a way of shaking other things loose, if that makes any sense.

(I swear I didn't intend to make half the words in my comment contain an ooh sound.)

J.C. Tabler said...

I just can't think of anything interesting to set on the moon, otherwise I'd be right there with y'all. Good luck with it, though!

Cate Gardner said...

Barry - rather than less wordy I really had to stretch mine out to tip just over the 2,000 word mark (and that's not good).

KC - I always shoot 'for' the moon... It's just that the rocket ships keep (r)ejecting me mind journey.

JC - I would have found it much easier if I could have gone dark or alien.

Erik said...


You come up with the BEST titles. Seriously.