Thursday 17 April 2008

Too many darn ghosts

Pardon my lack of posting, I am currently stuck mid attempt number 4 for the 'Ghosts in the Machine' anthology. Normally I have an idea, I write it, I let it stew, I fix it, I figure it works, I send it off... It gets rejected. :)

First off we had the let's go for a modern day Orson Welles/War of the Worlds theme. I'm hoping to still get something going with that but not for this anthology.

Then we went with the empty 'Marie Celeste' office. Felt dumb. And obvious.

Then we moved onto a computer ranting at a guy in an office and inciting him to do all kinds of evil and mundane things. Dumber. Was never really going to go anywhere but DOWN!!!

Now we've moved onto a nerd, the plasticine figure of his dead friend, and a soul-sucking questionnaire. I think I like this one (but then I liked number two for a couple of days so we'll see).

==Still waiting to hear whether 'The Moth Brigade' has or hasn't made it into the Robots Beyond anthology. Should find out by this weekend (or worse, the minute I press 'send & receive' after posting this - nothing like tempting fate).==


Mary said...

I like your new idea, particularly the plasticine figure of the dead friend. Hope it’s working out!

J.C. Tabler said...

Some of those sound pretty darn decent. I'm currently on the revision/editing process of my piece for it, going over everything with my Pen of Death, taking out fluff, rearranging things, etc. Get it done, do another draft, one more edit, and send it out.

Luck to ya!

K.C. Shaw said...

All those ideas sound interesting to me! Good luck with them, and I'm crossing my fingers for your Robots Beyond.

Cate Gardner said...

Mary - Cheers. I finished the first draft of the story last night and I'm liking it so far (waiting to see how I feel after a weekend of letting it doze).

JC - I need a 'Pen of Death'. I seem to revise on the computer now.

KC - I'm expecting my rejection any day now.

Rich said...

Plasticine one every time. When you mentioned this antho i thought about offices straight off - must be that work sucking your soul out thing.

Just a quick note to let you knoww I made it back on the dock and will hopefully have a new story up this weekend if i can tempt you?



Cate Gardner said...

Thanks for letting me know, Rich.