Wednesday 30 April 2008

Feeling Poisoned and Poisonous

Geri Halliwell has a six book deal. Geri Halliwell's book is out this week.

A line from my current WIP sums up how I feel:

Stop the moon, I want to throw up.


Anonymous said...


This makes me almost as sick as reading about the guy that writes the blog Stuff White People Like getting a $350,000 advance for a book deal.

Maybe I'm trying to hard...maybe if I stop TRYING to write and just send out some half-assed stuff, I'll have a better chance of being published??

Cate Gardner said...

And what's worse at 160 pages (an early 25,000 ish Lemony Snicket is 180 pages) and containing three stories plus puzzles it's not even a proper book. Nothing but a gimmick.

Ed Wyrd said...

Those Spice Girls are a talented lot, aren't they?

J.C. Tabler said...

Well, let's see.

I do believe I'm going to very neatly arrange my papers on my desk this morning, squat over them, and empty my bowels. Afterwards, I'll be preparing a series of query letters for her publisher and running to Kinkos with the entire package.

I think they may just be surprised by the level of sophistication my bowels can deliver if this is the sort of "author" they're signing these days.

Pardon the visuals.

Cate Gardner said...

Hey at least you're doing something productive - my papers are scattered everywhere. :)

Mary said...


First Jordan, now Geri; I’m so hoping this is not, but fearing that it is… a growing trend.

Cate Gardner said...

Mary it get's worse - Colleen McLoughlin (Wayne Rooney's girlfriend) is next, followed swiftly by Kylie.

Mary said...


Cate Gardner said...

Oh, yes!