Tuesday 1 April 2008

And that was March...

Once again--boy time sure does fly--it's time for my regular 'what I did last month' post.

1. My novella, The Eurydice Satellite, is stagnating. I achieved a massive 1131 words at the beginning of the month and never went back. My wrists have been well and truly slapped.

2. I am thinking of renaming March - Short Story Month. Okay, starting small and working my way up the greasy pole. Wrote 4 flash short stories, as follows:

Yellow-Field Phobia - a huge 100 words, submitted to the Sam's Dot Drabble Contest. Should hear back around May 10th.

Listing Ships - a weird one, submitted to Space Squid.

Dead Marigolds - anorexic zombies, rejected by Bits of the Dead and now submitted to Andromeda Spaceways.

Zombie - the first zombie on Mars (needs work - currently languishing in my to-do file).

3. Five short stories written this month, ie 1,000+ words (most hovering around the 3,000 word mark).

Bob's Spares & Repairs - rejected by the 'Robots Beyond' anthology, now submitted to the Preditors & Editors anthology, Help!

The Moth Brigade - has made the 'probable' list for the 'Robots Beyond' anthology - should find out by the end of the week if it's made it in. Gnawing my fingernails as you read this.

Dead Parachutes - zombie Dolly Parton's, evil plastic surgeons, and an ex-superheroine - submitted to 'Bloody October' anthology.

Dwelling - submitted to the 'Harvest Hill' anthology. Gulp!

When the cloak falls... - under consideration for 'The Age of Blood and Snow' anthology. Will find out in June if it has made it.

And that is it... For March, at least.


K.C. Shaw said...

March as short story month is a great idea!

Good luck on the stories you have out! I've got one at Space Squid too being held for further consideration. It'd be cool if we ended up in the same TOC there.

J.C. Tabler said...

Your March looks a lot like my January....

Erik said...

I wish I could be half as productive as you've been in March.

Rich said...

Hi Cate,

Good to see your doing so well with the submitting! Your gonna be appearing in just about every antho out this year, lol.

Anyway, way to make me feel lame. How much are you writing in one month? Your really flying, I've written about 300 words all month and really need to get back into the swing of things.

Let me know (when, not if) you get any hits and I'll chech them out.

Still planning on making it back to the dock, but one thing at a time, lol.

Cheers Rich aka Rocket from the Dock

Jeff Parish said...

Going strong...now quit with the self-beatings and get back to work.

Cate Gardner said...

KC - Good luck with your 'Space Squid' submission. Fingers crossed and all that.

JC - I'm hoping my March looks a little like my April.

Erik - Quality is always better than quantity (I'll probably spend most of April rewriting everything on the March list).

Rich - hey, you have the best excuse in the world.

Jeff - self beating is the only way to get anything done.

God said...

Wow. I think I've said this before, but you ARE A MACHINE!!!

I'm embarassed to say I haven't been a fraction as productive as you have.

I did read The Poisoned Apple, though. Comments are coming soon!

Cate Gardner said...

Hi TKT - now I am seriously gnawing at my fingernails. I have been too afraid to look at TPA as I know it needs lots of work... Especially re those damn awful commas.

Anonymous said...

We only change our phone number every three years and so you just missed out on the last phase...

Good luck with your story and I like the title!