Tuesday 19 February 2008

Nerdery Week

Okay, so I've tidied up a wee bit and have decided to join in 'Nerdery Week' along with Thomas Kingsley Troupe - his space is so much cooler than mine, but he has inspired me to get more nerdy things for my space...

Also taking part in Nerdery Week are:

Blue Birdland

Apologies for my bad, bad pictures - my digital camera is ancient. Okay, so here we go, picture number one of where I do my writing stuff...

My desktop background is of course the gorgeous Winchester Brothers from the TV series 'Supernatural' and to the upper right you'll see the delectable Kiefer Sutherland. On the stand (again, apologies for the quality of the pictures) we have an old punch cartoon by HM Bateman titled 'The Man Who Paid Off His Overdraft' - totally my ambition, and attached to that is a poem I wrote last summer.

On the three side shelves we have: Top Shelf - my ideas for short stories; Middle Shelf - My ideas for Novels (I think I already mentioned way, way back that I have notebooks full of ideas); Bottom Shelf - The first draft of the Poisoned Apple and my screenplay 'The Deathwatch Maiden'.

And here is a slightly closer look...

Okay, a slightly better view of the Winchester Boys with a lovely flash mark. Two pens - love my pens. The coloured pad jotting out by the screen is where I note down where I've sent my short stories out to and whether they have been rejected or accepted.

Bad, bad picture this one. On the shelf we have (from left to right and all may not be clear). A glass bear saying 'It's a girl' which I bought when my niece Amy was born. In front of that we have a tiny little wooden bear which my aunt bought my years and years, forever ago. Behind them we have Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. She is standing next to my cool San Francisco Calendar, and of course, like a bookend, Jack from TNBC... In front of the calendar are two cool little angry looking vegetable dudes.

Deep pause... the HORROR card reads ' The escalating sense of fear that Stephen King has already thought of your story'. We then have two Rugrats figures - love those guys. And then a wee Japanese wooden doll.

The postcard lower down is a gorgeous scene of Venice. And the picture way over to the left is of Neve Campbell. When I'm writing a horror novel, I tend to use pictures to inspire the characters and that picture inspired 'Nestor Godium' in my I'll-never-finish-it 'Dead Girl Rising'...

That's all for today...


God said...

Yes!!! This is completely awesome! I soooo want that Stephen King picture thingy you've got. I've never seen (or heard of it) but it's a bit of brilliance.

I'm also floored by the notebooks FULL of ideas. How do you sleep at night? Er...do you sleep at night?

So, so so glad you've joined the fray! Rock on Nerdery dwellers!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Nerdery Week!

I meant to start watching Supernatural when it debuted, and for some reason, I never caught it. It may be one of those series that demands to be added to my Netflix queue.

And I have to say that Horror card is fantastic!

As for pictures that help inspire stores, I have an entire collage hovering right over my desk. I didn't post it because I was running out of time.

~ Caryle